TTFU – No More Excuses!

Athletes can make up a hundred excuses to skip a workout. Maybe you’re not feeling well. Your foot hurts. You had a hard day at work. The list goes on and on. I can think of many excuses not to get out of my warm bed at 6am when it is 39 degrees outside, only to jump into a cold pool for a swim workout, but then I think to myself, “If I don’t do it now, what will I do on race day? Have more excuses?”

I once coached an athlete who had an excuse for everything. I invited him to spin class, only to be told that he did not feel well. The next day, there was a Facebook post from him, wishing everyone ‘Happy Holidays from Hawaii!’ Every week there was a different excuse and he never did the workouts I gave him. He wants to get better but he needed to TTFU! No more excuses!
On the other hand, I have coached athletes that never have excuses. Their lives could be burning down around them and they still make sure they get their 10-mile run in. They live by this mantra: TTFU.
At a local triathlon a few months ago, I was packing up my bag and listening to two girls talking in the transition area about the race. One said, “My run sucks! My swim sucks! I just don’t do the workouts. I watched The Bachelor instead of running.” TTFU!
I have a very good friend who went through the same thing. He had a black wrist band that said “TTFU.” At Mile 90 on the bike in an Ironman he would look down at his wrist and again at mile 10-15- 20 on the run. TTFU. No excuses.
We’re going into the New Year! The Bachelor starts up again on January 2nd. It’s your choice: immerse yourself in your favorite reality television dating game, making excuses, OR…stop making silly excuses and TTFU. Toughen the fu@* up!!

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