Brian Melekian

Jim got me ready for Ironman St George this year, and unlike races I have done before, he helped me with nutrition, strength training and the mental aspect to training. The 3 sports took care of themselves under his guidance, but it was the food, strength and right thinking that sent me to that race with more confidence and enthusiasm than I have ever felt. Jim somehow manages to keep on top of everything you are doing as an athlete while maintaining the busy schedule of a professional athlete. He genuinely cares about you and celebrates your victories with you. If you are looking for a coach who throws out a boilerplate schedule at you once a month, Jim is not it. If you are looking for a coach with strict rules about when and how you can communicate, Jim is not it. If you are looking to get in the best shape, take yourself to your physical maximum and train like a professional athlete on whatever time you have, I highly recommend Jim Lubinski as your coach

Professional Duathlete Scott Schultes

RPM coaching has made an unbelievable impact on my performance in just a few months.  I am training about half as much as I was when I was on my own, but I am more fit because of it!  Jim's emphasis on quality over quantity has allowed me to to train with limited time, while being competitive on regional and national stages.  I have already qualified to represent the United States in TWO world championship events, as well as qualified for my pro-card, and we've only just begun!  Not only is Jim extremely knowledgeable about the swim, bike, and run, but his true asset, in my mind, is his passion to see m.e through to reach my goals.  I would not be in the successful position that I am in right now if it were not for R.P.M.'s coaching, period.

Patricia Bell

Years ago I had run in college and due to a torn ACL I had to stop. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could run the way I used too. I signed up for my first marathon hoping to finish. Bob's coaching took me to another level. As a mother of four it's hard to find time to train but Bob designed the best plan for me, preparing me physically, mentally, and logistically for my longest race. He created an easy-to-follow workout schedule that matched my needs and skills and he was fast to help me modify it as external issues arose. Bob responded to my questions and concerns with his own careful thought and expertise. He is passionate about what he teaches and proved to be very thorough and accessible. He made me a LA Marathon Finisher. Could not be more pleased with my results.

Erin Edward

Coach Bob was my marathon coach for Surf City marathon. He was amazing! He took the time to really understand my goals, my personal schedule challenges, and my own personal issues. My plan was designed to protect my body from injury during training, yet push me to increase my pace. That it did. My pace per mile increased by nearly 30 seconds and I felt very relaxed and confident going into the marathon.

Kevin Koresky

Jim has a good sense and ability to read his athletes needs. Which is a must when it comes to fitting fitness goals into an athlete’s life schedule. This is most important to me and as I have a pretty busy schedule. Jim is an easy coach to talk too and communicate with, he has a friendly way about him that is easy to associate with. I look forward to reaching my full potential and goals through Jim’s guidance.

Rafael Gavan-Ironman Cabo 2014

Bob is a great coach with a big heart for his athletes.  He always knows what to say and how to say it when it matters most. Bob figured out what works best for me, always kept my workouts different, and really made the journey to becoming an Ironman fun! I've never felt so prepared for a race.  I just can't thank him enough!

Steve De Silva

Even though I've only been working with RPM for a short period, I've noticed huge gains. These gains have already helped me break my PB by 1hr in the 70.3 distance. RPM is definitely a "hands on coaching" and I recommend RPM for all those interested in getting to the next level!!

Division 1 Athlete Audrey Amiya-Hall

What can I say about Jim  and RPM Coaching… Wow there’s just too much, and not enough room to write it all… He is beyond AMAZING to say the least!  He is my ‘distance’ triathlon coach. I’m in Sydney, Australia so between us is… well there’s a few miles, but he is always there for me, always answering my questions, listening to me ramble about my sessions and offering smart advice. He provides excellent programs, easy to follow, with great instructions, and I like how he gives me constructive feedback.  I’m grateful that I have Jim as a tri coach, and trust him completely, regardless of distance... I would say he is one of the best in the world (but I have to admit I am biased)!


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