Team Conference Call From July 9th Recap!

Infomation for those unable to make the conference call on July 9th and further details for those who could join us.

  • Addaero Training Site: A major benefit of the team is the workouts we list weekly on addaero. The training section of our forum has the site info and access code listed. Look it over, let’s hear from you about the good and the bad!

  • Silverman 70.3: There is a large contingent (over a dozen) of RPM’ers going to the Silverman 70.3 in Henderson, NV. the weekend of October 4-5. Why not join us? Jim and I will be there supporting, course reviewing and racing as well. We could also rent a house together, sort of a RPM race HQ. More info on the Forum under Racing and then RPM at Silverman.

  • HITS Palm Springs: Big team race weekend in Palm Springs Dec 6 and 7. All distances available. We will be manning an aid station for some of the races and hosting a get together at the start of the weekend. Additionally as an affiliate race team we get a $100.00 discount on the Full & the 1/2, 50% off a smaller race, of the registration fee. The code is in the forum as well as other race discussions. Go to Racing topic in the forum and then HITS Palm Springs.

  • Team Training and BBQ: We have chosen Aug 16 as the first team training day and BBQ. We have a couple of options on location. We are thinking a beach would be nice and the weather should be reliable enough for a full day of training and BBQ’ing. Throw some ideas out there and we will finalize plans over the next week or so. Go to Forum, Training, Aug 16th training day to throw in your two cents!

  • Tour de France Contest: We have 2 contest running. Guess the top three winners on the forum under Team Chat. Secondly garner the most biking miles during the tour under our Team strava account. Link to the team account under Team Chat in the forum.

  • Housekeeping: Want some RPM apparel, get your order in by this weekend for late summer delivery. Also don’t forget the classified section fo the forum to sell or buy some good used equipment!

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