Red Performance Multisport Swim Coaching

Although the swim leg of a triathlon is often the shortest leg of the race it packs a ton of importance. Triathletes who are in-efficient swimmers often find themselves behind the eight ball in several respects: they can exit the water exhausted, they are be way behind their racing peers and they maybe become so discouraged that eventually they stop racing altogether. A solid swim coach can be the key to reaching your triathlon goals. Your swim coach needs to be knowledgeable, flexible and experienced. The swim coaches at RPM are just that! Years of triathlon and swim coaching have taught them the value of a good swim and its importance on your race.

The swim, unlike running and biking, isn’t all about doing more. It’s about evaluating, improving the practicing those improvements and then repeating that cycle. Building upon a solid foundation and creating a swimmer that is efficient and fast. Often a swim coach will try and change an entire stroke or fit swimmers into a box but in many cases it is better to take the positives from an athlete’s stroke and build upon those attributes. Video analysis, drills and swimming with purpose are all part of our program. Swim Sucks? You have come to the right place, we have a swim coach for you!

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