10 Weeks to More Watts!



The off season it is the perfect time to wind it down a little and concentrate on a particular area or two we need to improve in. For triathletes mid season is a tough time to improve power on the bike. We are swimming, running, working on endurance and all the while trying to balance out training with the rest of our lives. But with a decrease in racing the off season is a great time to hone in on specific area of concern.

The coaching staff at RPM has developed a 10 week program to help you increase your power on the bike. A mix of trainer rides, weight work and outdoor rides enable to track and build more watts. Body weight is also an important factor to the equation and is tracked in concert with your coach to be sure you are striking the right balance.

The 10 week program is available to all athletes, whether you are a RPM coached athlete or someone just trying us out. The 225.00 charge includes plan, updates, tracking and coach interaction throughout the program.


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