RPM Client Waiver

I acknowledge that training for and/or participating in a triathlon, duathlon, cycling, swimming, running or any other endurance sporting event is an extreme test of my physical and mental limits and that such training and/or participation poses potential risks of serious bodily injury, death, or property damage. I have provided Red Performance Multisport with all information which in any way relates to or that could affect my physical health and attest that I am in good health and my physical condition has been verified by a licensed medical doctor.
Furthermore, in return for my participation in this program, I on behalf of myself and my heirs or executors I hereby:

a)WAIVE, RELEASE, and DISCHARGE Red Performance Multisport, its officers, directors,administrators, employees, consultants, coaches and agents from any claims,costs or liabilities for personal injury, illness, death or damages of any kind which I may have now, or at any time in the future, resulting from participation in this or any other program;

b)AGREE NOT TO SUE any of the persons or entities mentioned above for any claims, costs or liabilities that I have waived, released or discharged

c)INDEMNIFY, DEFEND, and HOLD HARMLESS the persons or entities mentioned above from any claims made or liabilities assessed against them as a result of my actions Submission of this form is agreement to the above terms


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