The road to more power on the bike isn’t to go harder!

Triathlon racing, which lacks the teamwork and peloton components of road racing, is an individual experience and relies solely on the abilities of the athlete. Add to that more affordable power meters and the cycling leg of a triathlon, for better or worse, has become a numbers game. For a faster bike split you need to balance power, weight and your effort over time to do your best. Go too hard and you will fade on the run. Become too light and you will lose power on the swim and the bike. It’s a delicate balance but at its core is the power you can produce when you pedal. More power = more success. But too often athletes rely simple on going HARDER and HARDER in the mistaken believe they will achieve greater power numbers.

There are many elements come into play to build power. Some of those include:

  1. Determining your Functional Threshold Power is number 1. You need this number to base all your future bike workouts on.
  2. Building a pre-season base so you have a solid foundation to grow from.
  3. Schedule 4 rides a week. Your body will adapt to the demand you place upon only if it is challenged consistently.
  4. Workouts should include the following:
  • 1 VO2 Max or above FTP workout
  • 1 Sub FTP or Sweetspot workout
  • 1 Long aerobic ride
  • 1 recovery ride
  1. 2 to 3 strength workouts per week. A solid core, strong hamstrings and glutes are needed to deliver power to the pedals.
  2. Proper nutrition before, during and after your rides is extremely important to make significant gains.

Building more power is a complicated process that takes time. Over the next few blog entries we will be breaking down each item in more detail thereby giving you a chance to see how they fit in your training program. The task can seem frustrating at times but the aid of a coach and some patience can lead to a successful season.



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