Racing Season is Heating up!!

Race season is picking up so let’s hear about what you are doing! If you send us an email or post to the forum we will also add your race to the Team Calendar. A couple of race items to talk about are that we have a bunch of runners doing the Claremont 5K on the 4th of July. 5k’s are great to test out that speed and find out what you max HR is!!! I personally dislike 5ks but do them anyways, and puke after!

Also there are a bunch of RPM’ers heading to Vegas the first weekend in October for the Silverman 70.3, why not join the crowd. Jim or I have time to get you ready for a Half IM and it’s a great course. Again head to the Calendar section of the website to see who’s racing and for the link to the race! If you need a personal training plan you know who to call!

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