Race Day Nutrition

We are going to keep it simple for you this week with some nutrition advice. I use Spiz, Coach Jim is a PowerBar man and a lot of folks love E-gels. But how do you know whats for you? You need to use your chosen nutrition on every workout! Every time?? YES!! Every time.

Listen up … you will never get a race plan from one of us that doesn’t include fueling up 15 to 30 minutes before your race starts. So you should always fuels up just before a workout. You can also count on us telling you to fuel early and often during your race. So you need to fuel early and often during your workouts!! How do you know if your chosen nutrition will work for you if you aren’t practicing with it? You wouldn’t hop on a brand new bike without using it first now would?

Issues you may have with nutrition need to be figured out before race day, damn it!! How will you carry the right amount? What about variety? How many calories can you handle an hour? Studies suggest you can digestive 240 calories (or more) per hour. Ever try to eat 240 calories an hour? Its a lot! That amount takes practice and adaptation. All this needs to be done weeks and months before race day.

So start with you very next workout and eat your way to success!

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