Hiit Hard

I teach spin classes, well we call them indoor cycling classes, and I spend a TON of time developing classes. I want my classes to be functional (not that crazy hovering and no standing spin moves), proper, in that they give plenty of recovery for the work I want to be done and lastly HARD!!

So today I want to share one of my latest classes that incorporates some High Intensity Interval Training with some strength training. I will also link up my Spotify play list so you can listen to the music I play which contains all the proper cadences and time intervals.

This would be a good indoor training set when time is short and you want a big bang for your limited training dollar! I always name my classes and this way you can follow me on Spotify and find a particular class. Spotify is a music service that is free and can be put on your phone or computer. The free version has commercials while the premium level is commercial free and allows you to download songs to your device. So get it and follow me: Bob Seaman!

HITT it Hard!

Pre warmup

Home, Edward Sharpe, 5:03
Dangerous, Big Data, 4:40


They, Jem, 3:16, light spinning, cadence 80 to 90 slowly add gear
Madelgroove, Blue Man group, 5:49, prime the pump!! 30 sec of moderate/hard effort followed by 30 of easy effort. Cadence 85ish

Set 1

Copy of a, NIN, 5:23. Add some gears and get to a base cadence of 74, it should feel hard and like you are working it on a hill. Then you do intervals 20sec/10 sec as follows: 20 hard (increasing the cadence by at least ten while still in the same gear) then 10 easier (back to the base cadence of 74.) All in the same gear!
Boogie shoes, KC and Sunshine, 2:11, Active recovery spinning
Daft Punk is Playing, LCD, 5:15. Cadence of 68. This is one ever-increasing hill. Set it at a moderately hard gear and a cadence of 68 and add a gear every minute. Hill should be pretty daunting with about 2 minutes to go, stand if you have to make it to finish otherwise stay in the saddle
Mystique, Blue Stahli, 2:09, active recovery Spinning

Set 2

Come On Andy Hunter, 6:40. Second set same as the first set. Add Gear and start at a cadence of 70 on a moderately hard hill. Interval times now are 30 Hard (increased cadence) and 15 at the base cadence you set at beginning of song
Necrophones, Lungfish, 2:08 Active Recovery Spinning
Burning Up, Alpinestars, 5:52. One long F’ing hill. Cadence of 60 the whole way, start out moderate and add gears every minute to unbearable. Stand to finish if you must!
Gypsy, Ronan, 2:10 Active Recovery Spinning

Set 3

Safe and Sound Remix, Capital Cities, 5:53. New interval time set at 40 hard/20 easier. Cadence 74 ish. Set it hard and increase cadence for 40 seconds then drop down to 74 for 20 seconds. I want no complaints if your legs fall off!
Memories, Romeofoxtrot, 7:39, last one save recovery for end. Long, long hill. Add gears x 4 throughout song. Last 2:30 should be very difficult. Cadence of 70, don’t start too hard or you’ll be sorry.


Levon, Elton, 5:25

Here is the Spotify link…ENJOY!


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