Failing to Plan = Planning to Fail

By now you should have a good idea of what races you plan on doing this year. If you don’t – you better get on it, as they will sell out.

“How do I plan?” you might ask. For me, I always seek a destination race. It’s so exciting to visit a new country or new part of the US, so I try to find somewhere rousing like Puerto Rico or Canada, and then pick a race and plan my year around the trip. Aim to choose some races leading up to the A race (called B races). I like to do an olympic triathlon or half marathon leading up to the A race a few weeks before.
It is important to start thinking about moving up to a longer distance, maybe a half Ironman or a full distance Ironman. If you have done the Malibu Triathlon over the last few years and always finished 10th in you age group, is it really worth doing again? I would call that just racing for a medal. The last time I counted, I have over a 100 medals stashed away in a box. I don’t need anymore, and I have found it’s more fun to give them to little kids after the race.
The Redondo Beach Triathlon is a great local race but it’s better suited for a first time triathlete. If you do this race, it should be with someone new to the sport who needs a friend to help guide them along.
I have raced all over the world. Head Coach and pro triathlete for Red Performance – Jim Lubinski has even more travel and race tips.
If you are ready to plan your year and need help on what to do and how to do it, call 310-596-0345 or email me: Or, sign up at

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