Whether you race mountain bikes, participate in crits or looking to crush the bike leg of an Ironman Red Performance Multisports has the expertise to help you grow and be noticed as a cyclist. We have training plans that take advantage of indoor trainers, heart rate monitors as well as the ability to make you proficient with a power meter. Becoming the best cyclist you can be is more than just spending time in the saddle, its all about training smart and making the best use of the athletes time. Most athletes come to us believing they have reached their potential as far as biking is concerned and are just looking to boost their times a little. The fact of the matter is that most riders are just that “riders” and have never put in some serious effort to improve. Once RPM coaches show them the how’s and why’s to focused bike training they are amazed at their progress. Racers also tend to forget riding technique during their race preparation, just going out and pedaling hard all the time just won’t get the job done against an experienced cyclist. Cornering, body position, nutrition. equipment and race strategy are jus some of the areas our coaches work on with our athletes.

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