Adapt Your Race to the Conditions

I like to race in different environments not only to test my own limits but also to learn from personal experience as how to best have my Coached Athletes approach certain situations. The past two races I have raced have been in hot, humid weather. Being an athlete from the West Coast where the conditions […]

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What’s Sexy?

What’s sexy within the endurance sport world? Athletes brag, “I just put out 415 watts for an hour Time Trial!” or “I ran 10 x 1 mile on the track at 5:00/mile pace” or “I swam 100 x 100 meters on a 1:10 base interval in the pool!” These are sexy workouts. But are these […]

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Get Motivated….How To

Motivation to train is something I have struggled with in the past and something I see my athletes struggle with from time to time throughout the season. Let’s address some issues with motivation and see how we, as athletes, can overcome the occasional lack of motivation we feel throughout the course of a season. Our […]

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Strength Training in Endurance Sport

Swim, bike, run who has time for strength? Muscular strength is the foundation for everything you do. Swimming, cycling, running, walking, sitting; you MUST have a strong base to build off of. I look at your body as 2 systems. Your aerobic system and your muscular system. As endurance athletes we have built our aerobic […]

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