Carbs, you key to racing success!

Let’s be blunt about this: If you don’t consume carbohydrates, and lots of them, while you are racing you will not go as fast as you could, period. Don’t give me your anecdotal evidence of how you went fast in a recent 5k fun run. I am talking about events lasting more than 90 minutes and up to 100 milers. There is study after study showing this to be true, it’s not a deniable fact, yet getting athletes to eat enough during their races is a daunting task. Why?? Mostly athletes worry about gastro intestinal distress and it seems they would rather try and to suffer through a race instead of getting an upset tummy. Let’s explore what’s really happening.

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QRing or Oblong Chainring Review

I don’t know about you, well actually, I do, and you are like me! We are always looking for ways to improve our times. Drink a new special shake, wear an ugly new helmet or even sleep in an altitude tent all by ourselves, we will try anything! Well let me tell you about something […]

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Racing Mindset

I frequently get into discussions with athletes about how to achieve optimal mental focus in endurance sport racing. As endurance sport athletes we have a lot of alone time. Whether we are staring at a black line at the bottom of a pool while swimming, staring at a white line on a roadway while cycling, […]

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