Fast Swim Starts

Fast swim starts is our training tip this week! A LOT of athletes get to race day feeling prepared, a little nervous and excited about what lies ahead for them. You get in what warm up you can and then gather up with those who have the same color swim cap as you. Toeing the […]

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Race Day Nutrition

We are going to keep it simple for you this week with some nutrition advice. I use Spiz, Coach Jim is a PowerBar man and a lot of folks love E-gels. But how do you know whats for you? You need to use your chosen nutrition on every workout! Every time?? YES!! Every time. Listen […]

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Tempo Pace Workout

Tempo pace is a term that is thrown around a lot but not often defined. In general terms a “tempo” effort is a workout to be performed at a specific “race” pace (depending on the race you are training for). For example if you are training for a Ironman your long rides should be ridden […]

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